Strategic Games

Strategic Games uses mathematics to solve real-world problems in sport, gambling and conflicts. Managing director Dr Tristan Barnett (aka ''The Baron'') has successfully solved real-world problems based on his own personal experiences. This includes:
  • a fair outcome in work agreement disputes (pdf)
  • software to determine whether it is beneficial to file a lawsuit (xlsx)
  • changes to poker machine regulations to increase consumer protection (pdf)
  • gambling calculator to increase consumer protection (pdf)
  • gambling for profit through the automation of online systems (pdf)
  • sports multimedia through interactive calculators (xlsx)
  • tennis in mathematics education to teach concepts in probability and statistics (pdf)
  • outline of a tertiary level tennis statistics course with applications to other sports (pdf)
  • devising a World Cup in tennis (pdf)
  • a modified tennis challenge system to improve player fairness (pdf)
  • modified tennis scoring systems to improve player fairness and reduce the likelihood of 'long' matches (pdf)
  • modified AFL scoring systems to improve player fairness (pdf)
  • book on 'The Mathematics of Tennis' (pdf)
  • book on 'Operations Research in Tennis' (pdf)
  • book on 'Resolving Problem Gambling: a mathematical approach' (pdf)
  • "The Baron's" PhD thesis (pdf)
  • new political platform based on yoga principles (pdf)
  • suggestions to improving tennis regulations (pdf)
  • "The Baron's" life story and how he devised a method for establishing World Peace (pdf)
  • founder of the unofficial 'Australian Yoga Party' facebook group (html)
  • founder of the Strategic Games facebook group (html)

    An Interactive Java Tennis Calculator (jar). Many thanks to Paul Graham for programming this calculator. Paul is currently a forecast systems programmer for the Bureau of Meteorology and founder of WeatherTheatre (html).

    Relive the famous Roddick vs El Aynaoui match played at the 2003 Australian Open that finished 21-19 in the final set (xls). Many thanks to Alan Brown for programming this calculator. Alan was an Adjunct Professor with Swinburne University and co-supervised "The Baron's" PhD thesis in tennis modelling.

    The Strategic Games Constitution can be found here (pdf).