Strategic Games

Strategic Games uses mathematics to solve real-world problems in sport, gambling and conflicts. Managing director Dr Tristan Barnett (aka ''The Baron'') has successfully solved real-world problems based on his own personal experiences. This includes:
  • a fair outcome in work agreement disputes (pdf)
  • software to determine a "fair" arbitration amount in civil law disputes (xlsx)
  • software to determine the 'Kelly Equilibrium' in 2x2 zero-sum games (xlsx)
  • software on when to fire a missile in warfare (xlsx)
  • changes to poker machine regulations to increase consumer protection (pdf)
  • gambling calculator to increase consumer protection (pdf)
  • gambling for profit through the automation of online systems (pdf)
  • sports multimedia through interactive calculators (xlsx)
  • tennis in mathematics education to teach concepts in probability and statistics (pdf)
  • outline of a tertiary level tennis statistics course with applications to other sports (pdf)
  • outline of a tertiary level resolving problem gambling: a mathematical approach course (pdf)
  • outline of a tertiary level the mathematics of conflicts course (pdf)
  • devising a World Cup in tennis (pdf)
  • a modified tennis challenge system to improve player fairness (pdf)
  • modified tennis scoring systems to improve player fairness and reduce the likelihood of 'long' matches (pdf)
  • modified AFL scoring systems to improve player fairness (pdf)
  • book on 'The Mathematics of Tennis' (pdf)
  • book on 'Operations Research in Tennis' (pdf)
  • book on 'Resolving Problem Gambling: a mathematical approach' (pdf)
  • book on 'The Mathematical Modelling of Sport: using recurrence formulas in Excel' (pdf)
  • book on 'The Mathematics of Conflicts' (pdf)
  • "The Baron's" PhD thesis (pdf)
  • suggestions to improving tennis regulations (pdf)
  • optimal solutions to tennis regulations (pdf)
  • founder of the Strategic Games facebook group (html)

    Updated tennis predictions as of the 28/12/2021 (xlsx).

    "The Baron's" live tennis predctions on youtube (html)
    "The Baron's" live tennis predictions on twitch (html)

    An Interactive Java Tennis Calculator (jar). Many thanks to Paul Graham for programming this calculator. Paul is currently a forecast systems programmer for the Bureau of Meteorology and founder of WeatherTheatre (html).

    Relive the famous Roddick vs El Aynaoui match played at the 2003 Australian Open that finished 21-19 in the final set (xls). Many thanks to Alan Brown for programming this calculator. Alan was an Adjunct Professor with Swinburne University and co-supervised "The Baron's" PhD thesis in tennis modelling.

    Alan Brown built a simple macro in Excel to calculate the exact progression in a grand slam tournament based on head-to-head predictions (xlsm). In this version the head-to-head predictions are randomized. However you could obtain these predictions from:
    1) Tennis calcualtor (xlsx)
    2) OnCourt software (html)
    3) Prediction modelling in 'The Mathematics of Tennis' (pdf)
    4) Simple conversion of bookmaker prices to probabilities
    5) Conversion of ratings to probabilities