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Strategic Games School

Complete a degree in operations research which teaches the mathematics of sport, gambling and conflicts. Learn how individuals and syndicates under ideal conditions  have made real money using mathematics in blackjack (as depicted in the movie ’21’), video poker, poker machines, tennis wagering and the stock market. By modelling lawsuits as a casino game, the famous Kelly criterion can be applied to determine when to file a lawsuit given there are risks involved if unsuccessful in court. Also learn the mathematics behind the famous Duckworth, Lewis and Stern method used in limited overs cricket and the Nash Equilibrium (as depicted in the movie ‘A Beautiful Mind’).

Bachelor of Operations Research

1st year subjects

Probability theory

Probability models

Operations research


Linear algebra

Game theory 

2nd year subjects

The mathematics of tennis

Operations research in tennis

Operations research in sport

The mathematics of gambling 

Game theory 2

Operations research 2


3rd year subjects

Game theory 3

Operations research 3

The mathematics of video poker

The mathematics of blackjack 

Tennis prediction modelling

The mathematics of poker machines

Stock market prediction modelling