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The author created the 'Australian Yoga Party' group on facebook on the 21st October 2015. (html)

The description is outlined as:

The Australian Yoga Party is based on yoga principles to encapsulate a political platform and policies.

The Australian Yoga Party aims for the creation of a society that most effectively prevents and resolves conflicts. The traditional conflict resolution model utilizes adjudicative processes (i.e. litigation, arbitration) and warfare. The modern and arguably more effective conflict resolution model utilizes consensual processes (i.e. negotiation, mediation, facilitation) and free speech. Whilst consensual processes are a key element to the Australian Yoga Party political platform; the most effective model to resolve (and prevent) conflicts is through following a yoga process.

One of the main problems with political ideologies (liberal, conservative, social democracy, greens, communist, etc.) is the very material nature they operate. The material environment does not reflect on the spiritual environment which is precisely the world/universe that we live in, as typically present in religious ideologies. Political ideologies view 'happiness' through material sense gratification (such as wealth). In comparison religious ideologies view 'happiness' as spiritual, where by controlling the senses from such material elements one can obtain spiritual realization through the soul which is beyond the miseries that exist within this material world. There is evidence to support the assertion that our current capitalist society is getting worse in terms of the individual's well-being and happiness. This is evident through the increasing levels of mental health. The Mental Health Foundation of Australia says: "One in five of us will experience depression at some time in our life. The World Health Organisation has concluded that by 2020, depression will be the world's major health problem." Hence, true happiness and world peace abroad can only be obtained once mental health problems are resolved and this requires an ideology with foundations in religious practices such as worshipping a Supreme/God and abstaining from material sense gratification. In effect, this process of engaging in the spiritual world will eventually clear any mental disturbances in the mind. However, in our multicultural and market driven capitalist societies, implementing a particular religious doctrine as an ideology for running the economy is likely to fail (since there are many different religions). This is where yoga becomes an important part of an ideology, since yoga itself is defined as 'connecting with the soul' and embraces all religions by worshipping to a Supreme Being (whether a Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jew etc).

Through yoga processes of meditation, chanting and an understanding of yogic philosophy; the individual/s will be in a more relaxed mental state to make better informed decisions. It is precisely the mental state and overall well-being of the individual which are critical to resolving conflicts during consensual type processes; and the practice of yoga in particular can be used to coordinate this goal. This model demonstrates that health and conflict resolution processes become directly connected. It is therefore argued that public funding should prioritise facilities for yoga and other health related areas including sporting facilities, and regular dentist, chiropractic and remedial massage check-ups.

To assist in obtaining world peace and resolving mental health seven key policies have been identified from the above based on yogic philosophy.

1) Tobacco and other smoking drugs to be illegalized
2) Workplace bullying to be equivalent to murder
3) Stop the killing and abuse of animals for food or other forms of human satisfaction
4) Ban prostitution and the sex industry in general
5) Compulsory high school education on yogic philosophy
6) Abortion regarded as being illegal
7) Euthanasia regarded as being illegal

An economic model such that introducing an unemployment system such that an allowance for unemployment is provided regardless of financial status and the allowance is comparable to the minimum wage, with the minimum wage being at least the amount given by the universal basic income (UBI). If the unemployment benefits are comparable to the minimum wage then the unemployment benefits are somewhat equivalent to the UBI. Therefore, the UBI needs to be established to provide for a reasonable standard of living. Also, the allowance is given to tertiary students. The unemployment system could be funded by an increase in the progressive taxation system and it is necessary for unemployment benefits to be paid back through taxation when work is established in the future. For more information on the policies and the economic model for the Australian Yoga party refer to 'The Book of Tristan' (pdf)

The Australian Yoga Party could register as a non-parliamentary party for the next Federal election (held in or before 2022) through the Australian Electoral Commission. This requires at least 500 members who are on the Commonwealth Electoral Roll - which could be achieved through the Hare Krishna movements within Australia and a constitution on how the country would effectively operate if elected to government.