Strategic Games


In March/April 2013 I experienced several significant spiritual encounters whilst located at Macquarie University Village 22/122 Culloden Rd, Marsfield, Sydney. This involved an out-of-body experience where I visualized a bird in the spiritual world as a direct result of making the connection 'Yoga is the most effective method to resolving conflicts'. A few days later a dead bird appeared on the front porch but with no body - only the feathers. My room mate at the time thought this was particularly unusual. Out-of-body experiences are common (occur in about 25% of the population). However they usually involve a veridical out-of-body experience where the person is viewing the body from above. My out-of-body experience is particularly unique and been explained by The Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research as something mystical (in other words they had no explanation as the event is particularly unique). Refer to 'The Book of Tristan' (pdf) for more details on these spiritual encounters.

My proposal is for Macquarie University Village to turn the villa 22/122 Culloden Rd into a Hare Krishna Temple. This would involve Bhakti Yoga monks living in this villa and carrying out the following tasks:
1. offer free vegetarian food in the evening to all students at Macquarie University Village
2. conduct morning and evening Kirtan sessions to all Macquarie University students on the Green at Macquarie University Village
3. offer free spiritual knowledge to all Macquarie University students
4. maintain the gardens at the Macquarie University Village

Also within villa 22 there would be:
1. The Bhagavad Gita As It Is available to all Macquarie University students
2. The Srimad Bhagavatum available to all Macquarie University students
3. Complete set of spiritual books written by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada available to all Macquarie University students
4. Books on mainstream religions available to all Macquarie University students
5. The Book of Tristan available to all Macquarie University students
6. Books on Australian First Nations People available to all Macquarie University students

For more information refer to the Strategic Games Constitution (pdf).

Given that Natural Law is superior to International and National law I feel the above is a strong proposal. I am not suggesting that the students living at villa 22 should evacuate straight away but rather something that Maquarie University Village could consider in the future such as the start of 2020. Developing a temple for Lord Krishna (the Supreme Personality of Godhead) is the highest level of philanthropy that one can achieve and ultimately assist in establishing world peace.